Transcription Cost Determiners

There are some important factors that can influence transcription cost at any given point of time and these are few. Sourced through from: See on – dissertation Transcription


There is a huge amount of cash spent for transcription in diverse industrial fields. It can be medical, educational, professional interviews and many more. Transcription, to be more precise is a defined as a business which converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document. Sourced through from: Updated […]

Top 10 recording apps for dissertation students!

A quick guide regarding the best tools that are used for a clear recording in dissertation interviews and help you to stay organized. Source: See on – dissertation Transcription

Webinar – Digital Innovation vision – Houston EdTech Leadership (April 28 – 12:00 pm EST)

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The 5 best digital audio workstations

Are you planning to invest in a digital audio workstation? A list of the best DAWs that have awesome features and are easy to work with… Source: See on – dissertation Transcription

The must-follow rules of subtitling videos!

Are you planning to subtitle your video? Know what the best practices for subtitling videos are. The best tips, must-follow conventions and rules. Source: See on – dissertation Transcription

7 popular youtube video marketing strategies you need to follow for maximum hits!

You have a quality content but you don’t get expected results, Why? Did you know that most of the videos on YouTube don’t even have 100 viewers? These 7 strategies will get you the hits you just imagined. Source: See on – dissertation Transcription