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A contest between Humans and Machines -Voice Recognition Software

A race between human and machine, machine run very fast and get finishes at first. Human finishes at second. But judges announce human as the winner, why? Machine started to run before the contest started. Errors are common whether in a life or a contest. But choosing winner is based on who minimize errors in […]

Southern California College of Optometry Transcription Services

Southern California College of Optometry Transcription services from TranscriptionStar. TranscriptionStar is almost helping all the universities and colleges in United States. It is the main trust of students of all universities and colleges in united states for their dissertation, academic and interview transcription requirements. For Best University Transcription Services, Contact TranscriptionStar helpline @ +1877-323-4707 or […]

7 Simple Mistakes Make Larger Impact On Your Skype Interview

7 sinful mistakes that affecting skype interview from Transcription Star 7 Simple Mistakes Make Larger Impact On Your Skype Interview -TranscriptionStar Source: Transcriptionstar is the largest professional organization that helping more number of students and other professionals in their university, academic and interview transcription requirements, For 24 hrs interview transcription support, Call our helpline […]

Thesis and Dissertation Guide 2013 by Cornell University

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Dissertation Filing Preparation and General Formats

Dissertation Filing Preparation and General Formats from Transcription Star Dissertation Filing Preparation and General Formats by university of Santa Barbara california, Created by TranscriptionStar. TranscriptionStar is the only choice of the students of all universities in USA, for their dissertation and academic transcription requirements. Call TranscriptionStar at +1877-323-4707 for better university transcription services. More

Newy York University Transcription Services From TranscriptionStar

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General Dissertation Formats, Procedures, and Transcripts – TranscriptionStar

Infographic Source: TranscriptionStar is assisting transcription support to all kind of students, lecturers, and all universities, Tstar is providing educational transcription services for all universities like Azusa Pacific, Hofstra, Sanjose, Harvard and more.. Visit our university Transcription page: