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Adding Closed Captions on Facebook Live Broadcasts

The best way to caption Facebook live videos.

Addicted to Facebook? Most of us are. The social networking giant has emerged as a money-spinning platform for advertisers. And has helped people showcase their talents, skills, products and services in front of 1.71 billion active FB users

And, yes, of course you know that FB Live videos are all the rage now. 1 in 5 videos uploaded to Facebook are live videos. And the daily watch-time for Facebook Live videos has grown by more than 4 times.

Earlier this year, Facebook in a bid to become more inclusive, allowed publishers to add closed captions to their live videos. Over 38 million people in USA are deaf or hard of hearing and this welcome move will open up your videos to the hearing impaired.


Why you should get on the live captioning bandwagon

  • Your videos are instantly accessible for millions of hearing impaired people.
  • You’ll have more people liking, sharing and engaging with your videos.
  • According to a study by Facebook, reading while watching videos increases view time by 12%
  • The FCC requires live and near live videos to include captions.
  • 85% of users watch FB videos without the sound on.

The more accurate DIY approach to add closed captions for FB Live videos

This is a wee bit complicated but definitely worth the effort.

Step 1: Use a text editor like Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac.

Step 2: Add the “Start” and “End” time of segments you’d like to caption.

Step 3: Name and save your file and make sure you add the .srt extension to your file name.

Step 4: Ensure that you’ve correctly formatted your file (Quick tip: To be sure you’ve formatted it right, save your file as a .TXT file. If the format is correct your text editor will know that you’ve created a captions file and will automatically save it as a .srt file)

Step 5:Go to your Facebook account and select the live video you want to add captions to.

Step 6: Open the video in “Theatre mode” by clicking on the time stamp.

Step 7: Click the “Edit this video” option under “Options”.

Step 8: Select the “Captions” option.

Step 9: Click on the “Upload .srt file” option.

Step 10: Upload your file and that’s about it.

The best option, choosing a professional captioning company to do the job

You can add captions to your Facebook Live video in simple steps by working with a third party professional captioning services provider. Several captioning companies now provide captions for live videos. Now, this is how it works…

  • Use a live streaming or encoding software.
  • Send your video’s livestream to the streaming server of your captioning company.
  • The captioning company inserts captions and broadcasts it to your audience.

For more information on adding closed captions to Facebook Live broadcasts, click here. For more information on Facebook’s accessibility features and settings, click here.

Source URL : https://blog.transcriptionstar.com/captioning-facebook-live-videos/

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Legal Transcription For All Your Needs.

TranscriptionStar provides legal transcription at quick turnaround times with quality and accuracy. While we take care of all your legal transcriptions, your employees can concentrate on core competencies. Letting transcriptionstar handle all your legal transcription requirements enables you to increase your levels of efficiency and productivity. You not only save on time, effort,manpower resources, technology and infrastructure cost but also benefit from our cost efficient and highly accurate legal transcription services.
TranscriptionStar charges $1/min of your legal recordings, which is affordable legal transcription rate.

We are experts in transcribing:

  • Court Proceedings / Hearings
  • Depositions
  • Employment Hearings
  • Letters, Memos and other Correspondence
  • Telephone Recordings
  • Medical Records Summaries

Legal transcription is a highly specialized domain where even a slight change in language or word scan completely alter the significance of the text. A missed word or misinterpreted sentence can win or lose cases. To transcribe legal documents accurately, a thorough understanding of legal terminology is required. Our teams of qualified transcriptionist are extensively trained in legal terms and jargon and have the expertise to do even the most complex legal transcriptions.

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Convert Podcast into Text

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Legal Transcription service

Transcriptionstar offers professional legal transcription service for law offices, court houses and legal consulting firms. Let, having an accurate transcript of your legal recordings, no longer a be an unattainable dream.The List Of Legal transcription We Offer are,

  • Litigation Support
  • Litigation Coding
  • LPMS
  • Legal Research
  • Family Law Support
  • Immigration Support Services
  • Administrative Services
  • Virtual Paralegal Services
  • Contract Management Services
  • Legal Document Review

We provide legal transcription services in affordable cost and assure you that the legal recordings you give us will be handled with high confidentiality.

We are headquartered in California and provide legal transcription services to attorneys, solicitors, barristers, licensed conveyances etc all over the United States. Some of our reputed clients are lawyers from Massachusetts, New Mexico, Texas, Ohio and West Virginia.

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Video Transcription

Video Transcription


  TranscriptionStar is well known for its accurate video transcription with swift TAT and
affordable transcription rates. we provide video transcription services for all video
formats And assure top-most security for your data for video transcription service.
TranscriptionStar has created a dedicated platform or transcription software called
iTranscript, for easy upload and tracking process. You can Integrate iTranscript with
your favourite video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox,wistia,etc. Now you
can try out our video transcription services by uploading your files.
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Business Transcription Services


Business Transcription
    TranscriptionStar is well known for its accurate business transcription services with swift TAT and affordable transcription rate. Other business transcription services provided by Transcriptionstar includes: Focus Group transcription, Earning calls, Business meetings, Training session transcription, One to One Interview transcription, etc. We assure top-most security for your data for business transcription service. TranscriptionStar has created a dedicated platform or transcription software called iTranscript, for easy upload and tracking process. You can Integrate iTranscript with your favourite platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, SoundCloud,etc. Now you can try out our business transcription services by uploading your files.

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Transcription Cost Determiners

There are some important factors that can influence transcription cost at any given point of time and these are few.

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